[Andean Variants] Using "casilla(s)" to mean "retrete"?

Has anyone here who's a native speaker of an Andean Spanish variant ever heard "casilla(s)" used to mean "retrete" (either the room or the fixture itself)?

Collins Dictionary says that in Andean Spanish casilla can be used to mean "bathroom" or "lavatory":

  1. (Andes) (= retrete) lavatory ⧫ bathroom (US)

A blog called "Blog del Colegio de Jurisprudencia" says that, at least in Ecuador, it isn't used anymore:

como un ecuatorianismo identifica Carlos Joaquín Córdova al término casillas, entendido como retrete o excusado; ya no se usa el vocablo, dice el autor del Diccionario de Ecuatorianismos

Regardless, I would like to hear from native speakers themselves if possible to see if it's (still) used in Andean variants.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Added a source for the blog post

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