Can someone explain me the word "pinche"?

Even thought I am Mexican and have studied some linguistics, I've found myself in trouble while trying to explain such a word to a friend. Taking "pinche" as an adjective, not as the noun (homophone), is it correct to say it is just a common adjective (which I don't think would be correct)? What about its use to "adjectivize" (is that a verb?) other adjectives themselves (e.g. "bien pinche feo"), which is like the most common usage the word finds. What about the fact it is almost never used in the same adjectival syntagm any other adjective is (e. g. you may listen "eso es lindo/grande/rápido", but not "eso es pinche"), at least not in the Mexican dialect? So, that's about it, if someone could answer I'd really appreciate it, and it's ok if the explanation is a little complex, I'd even prefer it that way so I can try and test my knowledge on metalinguistics. Thanks for reading.

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