Can you use the second personal informal for passively talking about yourself in Spanish?

Not sure if I am using the terminology correctly, but for context (actual conversation), I am talking to a native Spanish speaker about just moving to El Paso, TX and learning Spanish. Thinking in English, I wanted to say

“Yes, I am learning Spanish. I feel like you need it here”

In English the understanding when I say “you need it here” (in this context) is that I am talking about myself, or anyone really, but not the other person specifically. Does this work in Spanish as well? Would saying,

“Si, estoy aprendiendo español, lo necesitas aquí”

mean the same thing in Spanish, or would the person I’m speaking to think I am saying that they need it? Or would it be best to say “lo necesito aquí” ?

Again sorry if I’m not using proper terminology and if this a dumb question that I’m overthinking. Thank you

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