Confused about some pronouns with reflexive verbs

Sorry if this is basic, but I don’t get my grammar book in the mail for another whole week. I googled but am still a bit confused. The app I use barely explains grammar notes so I have to look it up on my own. Also, sometimes I’m not sure if SpanishDict, etc. are translating the meanings correctly.

I am learning about acordarse de and olvidarse today and am wondering if I understand the concepts correctly. Questions are below.

Acordarse de (reflexive verb to be used with indirect objects?)

Me acuerdo. I remember.

Me acuerdo de algo. I remember something.

No me acuerdo de nada. I don’t remember anything.

Se acuerda. She remembers.

No se acuerda. She doesn’t remember.


—Are there any differences among these phrases?

Ella olvida. She forgets.

Se olvida. He/she/you forgets.

Ella se olvida. She forgets.

—And the below are not considered reflexive, right? but you can use indirect pronouns like se, lo, la, le?

Ella olvidó. She forgot.

Se olvidó. Why is it understood as “It was forgotten” Instead of “She/he/you forgot”?

Se me olvidó. Why is this ‘I forgot’ and not ‘She/he/you forgot me? Because with the verb conjugation as below, it doesn’t seem to follow the rule.

Me olvidó. She forgot me. This one makes sense to me.

Yo olvidé. I forgot.

—Are these pronouns used correctly/placed correctly?

Me lo olvidé. I forgot it.

La me olvidé. I forgot her.

Le me olvidé. I forgot him.

No me olvide. Don’t forget me. (Imperative)

—But is this correct?

No lo olvide. Don’t forget it. (Imperative)

Anyone have any good resources or ways to understand the location of pronouns? I liked this but it still left me a bit foggy:

i still feel like I misinterpret the meanings a lot based on their locations.

Thanks in advance.

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