Confused with the expression « la verdad… »

Hi everyone,

After studying spanish for a while I’ve started orienting my studies more in a conversation level. I noticed something strange with hispanohablantes, especially from Spain I think, it’s the ridiculous amount of « la verdad » that I hear in conversations.

I understand what it means but I feel like it’s sometimes used like commas or transitions, no? Because there are way too many « la verdad » or « la verdad es que… » for it to simply mean « the truth is » or « actually ».

I feel like I encounter it less often when I read Spanish content. Is it sort of a language tic? It reminds me of the « du coup » in French or « literally », « actually » in English. So I was curious to have answers from natives on this expression. I’m sure it helps sounding more natural but I’d be curious to know more.

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