One to one Spanish lesson

Spanish courses for teachers

Enjoy face to face courses in Spain in small groups focusing on your Spanish level and teaching skills.

You will be full-board accommodated in a family environment in your tutor’s home. You will share our family lifestyle but you will have your own privacy in your bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

We understand the new specifications for languages in the UK. Therefore, we’re offering quality brush-up Spanish courses for Teachers, who will gain enough confidence for teaching Spanish at their schools.

Stay at a lovely Spanish cottage (casona montañesa) in the mountains.

You will be accommodated in one of our five very large rooms with en-suite bathroom.

Enjoy a relaxed familiy atmosphere in our living room. Apart from Spanish TV, we have British freeview satellite TV as well as films in English and Spanish. You can also relax in our Library.

As part of your holiday, you can also learn a bit about the Spanish culture by sharing our lifestyle and enjoying Spanish food like tapas, jamón serrano, chorizo, tortilla, paella, etc.


  • Our recognised Erasmus +, CPD and SKE Spanish courses focus on teachers’ needs.
  • We help teachers to meet their Spanish subject knowledge requirements.
  • Therefore, our courses will help you to brush up your Spanish level but, at the same time, they will emphasize on how to teach Spanish to primary and secondary students. In other words, we will highlight the main problems your students will face when learning Spanish.


  • We offer Spanish courses for all levels, individually or in small groups allowing us to focus on your individual needs and interests.
  • Lessons take place in a friendly and relaxed environment, facilitating and improving learning.
  • Personalisation is paramount in our courses. So, teachers are able to ask questions, interact with other teachers and get involved in their own learning process.


  • Apart from learning during the lessons, students have the opportunity to become part of our family and enjoy a fully immerse course.
  • Sharing your time with us during meals or free time, playing with our twin daughters Victoria and Raquel, etc.
  • However, we speak fluent English so that you won’t ever feel isolated and you will also have your own bedroom with en-suite bathroom to keep your privacy.

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Get in touch with us and start your Spanish language journey in a warm and relaxed family environment! Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your language skills, we are here to guide you through this exciting educational experience. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

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