Direct/Indirect object pronouns and Pronominal Verbs should be explained sooner

Basically the title. I feel that after learning Spanish for a while that most of my trouble at the beginning was with these things that were often brushed over or not explained well by teachers but are actually simple concepts. They are used so often and when you understand how they work and how they are used it’s like a huge piece of the puzzle clicks together. Back when I was learning Spanish in school I probably knew more vocab than I do now after I stopped learning for years, but I feel like I have a much better understanding of the language than I did back then just because I understand these language functions.

When I learned that “gustar” really meant “to be pleasing” my mind was blown and it took away so much confusion. I ended up searching individually for answers to questions had the same answers. “What does lo mean?” “What does se mean?” “What’s the difference between tú and te?” “What does le mean?” I never really understood the answers given until I understood the topic as a whole.

What do you all think?

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