Eliminating/reducing American accent

Qué lo que, mi gente!

So, I’m a native English speaker in high school. I’ve learned Spanish to the point where I’d consider myself fluent, assuming I’m familiar with the subject matter (i.e. I couldn’t talk to you about molecular biology or something). My measure for this is a can watch Spanish TV, news, read articles, etc. with 90% comprehension or higher. Sometimes, I miss things, but I can often infer from context.

Aside from getting that last 10% in comprehension, my next major goal is to reduce my accent. It’s already quite good, it’s an Americanized Puerto Rican/Dominican accent. Most natives rate it a 7.5 with 10 being native level. I’m wondering if any free resources exist that can teach you to reduce your accent (I’ve heard of the Mimic Method.. it seems I want something like this, but ideally more realistic on a teenagers budget).

I know that as long as I’m understandable it’s not important. It’s more a personal goal I have to be able to come across as a native speaker, at least for some time, before the person I’m speaking with realizes it.

Thanks for your help!

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