Esa vs aquella redux

Sorry I know this has been covered before but the explanations just don't make sense to me, what am I missing?

Someone gave the example:

Este carro – if I am next to a car (FYI este I get)

Eso carro – if the car is across the street

Aquel carro – the car is further down the street

I don't understand this spacial relationship to words? What if the car is in the middle of the street, what if the car is halfway down the street? What if the car is moving?

Someone else said it had to do with how close an object is to the listener not the speaker? So now I am watching how close the person I am talking to is standing to something? I feel so dumb haha what am I missing?

Can someone give good examples that demonstrate the differences between eso/-a and aquel/la?

Thanks a lot.

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