Esperaba que viniera/fuera a venir

I have a quick question about these types of phrases. Basically, I'm trying to translate the following sentence (excuse the weird phrasing, I'm just trying to make it as unambiguous as possible) into Spanish: "I was hoping that he was going to come." My first instinct would be to translate this phrase as follows: "Esperaba que viniera.", with viniera here, in my mind, situated further along the timeline than esperaba, if that makes sense. As in, from the perspective of when esperaba 'takes place', viniera is located in the future. Is this correct? Is that the normal interpretation of what the word viniera means in that sentence? I guess that basically what I'm asking is, do "Esperaba que viniera." and "Esperaba que fuera a venir." mean the same thing? Many thanks in advance for helping me!

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