Expressing hope regarding past events

This is a subjunctive question. I feel like I have a different understanding of things being connected to the present than native Spanish speakers.

I want to tell someone I hope they had a nice vacation. Their vacation is completely over, as of today.

So is this “espero que tuvieras unas buenas vacaciones” or “espero que hayas tenido unas buenas vacaciones.”

I’m guessing it’s hayas tenido. If so, can someone give me examples of when you’d use “tuvieras” with a present tense verb? Espero que… with tuvieras referring to a past event. I understand examples where tuvieras is hypothetical or polite, or paired with a past tense verb, e.g., “esperaba” but I’m trying to understand when it’s used in this specific type of example. (Present tense verb… que… completed past tense event.)

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