Fun cultural exports from Spain or Latin America to practice with

Hello! I studied Spanish for 5-6 years in High School and College and despite my best efforts, I've noticed slight deterioration. I need to immerse myself in some media.

My main problem, though, is that I'm also immersing myself in Japanese (which has more or less overtaken my Spanish at this point), so I can't use things like video games or manga to practice my Spanish – I'm already using that to practice my Japanese. But I don't know of anything unique to Spain and Latin America that interests me as much. Neither soap operas nor pop music from any country interest me. Most game developers based in Latin America seem to primarily write their games in English and even neglect Spanish.

What are some fun things that I'm surely neglecting? I have a few books from Gabriel Garcia Marquez lying around that I want to start reading again, but what are some other ideas? Thanks in advance!

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