Gap Year Programs

Our Gap Year Programs offer you the possibility of having Spanish language, culture and history lessons in the mornings while getting involved in different activities like sports, surfing, gym, dancing, music, theatre, photography, cooking, etc. in the afternoons.

On weekends, you can either travel to cities like Venice, London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, etc. having an excursion or enjoy a night out in the safest city in Spain.

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Spanish Courses

In the mornings, after breakfast, you will have Spanish language, history and culture lessons.

Our Spanish courses will focus on your needs according to your Spanish level. Please visit our Spanish Courses page for more information.

You will also learn about the culture and the history of Spain from the prehistoric cavemen to the present, paying attention to the Sailors and explorers who discovered America.

Sports & Activities

In the afternoons you will be able to enjoy different activities or sports like:

  • Surf
  • Theatre
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Basketball
  • Sailing
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Football (soccer)
  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • Paddle
  • Gym
  • Swimming

Watch this video with some examples of what our students can do while enjoying their Gap Year course with The Spanish Course.

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