Gesto circunspecto

Hello everyone!

What does "gesto circunspecto" mean? Does it mean something along the lines of "a straight face/a serious expression" ?

I have a paragraph that I have to translate where this appears and I'm not entirely sure what it means:

"El hombre, sin variar el gesto circunspecto, sin acoso ni altanería, le pidió que abriese la puerta y José, atemorizado, venteando alguna forma de castigo que añadir a las ya recibidas, no tuvo otro remedio que apoyarse contra su voluntad en el pesado picaporte y tirar de él con todas sus fuerzas. Abierta a medias la puerta y tras pedir permiso con los ojos -o aliento, quizá, o perdón- se enfrentó al exterior. Y lo que vio le dejó mudo de asombro."

My attempt to it:

"The man, keeping his serious expression, without harassment or arrogance, asked him to open the door and José, frightened, sensing some new type of punishment that would add to those he had already suffered, had no choice but to lean against his will on the heavy door handle and pull it with all his strength. Once the door was half-opened and after asking for permission with his eyes —or courage, perhaps, or forgiveness— he faced the outside. And what he saw left him dumbfounded."

This paragraph is from a book called "El río de la Luna" by José María Guelbenzu

Thank you

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