Help Identifying Proper (Reflexive) Pronouns?

Hola a todos!

I'm in Spanish 102 and I have an assignment where I describe my daily routine as if I'm somewhere of my choice. I've chosen a cruise ship WITH friends.

I've written the entire paper, and suddenly I'm completely lost and unsure about whether or not I've used the proper tense throughout the paper.

If I'm talking about my daily routine, and I were to say something like, "We wake up at 8:30 in the morning.", would I say, "Nos despertamos a las ocho y media en la mañana."?

Or should it be, "Nosotros despertamos a las ocho y media en la mañana."?

I've written it using "nos", and I believe it's correct but I'm suddenly doubting myself.

Another example that I've written: "Nos nadamos en la piscina y tomar el sol hasta las dos de la tarde." Is this correct, or would it be, "nosotros nadamos" if I'm trying to say, "We swim in the pool until…"?

If I'm correct, I believe that I'm using "nos <verb> because it's a reflexive action (we wake up at, we swim at/until, etc.) while using nosotros would translate more toward describing a current action, as opposed to a daily routine. Is that correct?

This is an online, 7.5 week course, so it's a lot of content in a very short time. I took SPA101 like 10 years ago and thought I would be okay jumping into 102, but it's been tough so far. Just want to make sure I'm understanding this concept appropriately.

Thanks in advance for any help you all provide!

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