Help with “Déjame que duerma”

Hello all, I am translating a song and I came across the line “Déjame que duerma” and I asked my friend about it and she said it just means “Let me sleep” but couldn’t really explain why it was used instead of “Déjame dormir” or if there was any real difference in meaning.

So my question(s) are: 1. Is there a difference in meaning? 2. Can this Dejar que + subjunctive be used with other verbs? Like Déjame que coma?

The full line is “Déjame que duerma nodriza, en paz” if that helps at all.

And since I have y’all here. In the line “Si llama él no le digas que estoy” is the “digas” in the subjunctive because of the “si llama” part?

Thank you for any help 🙂

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