Help with Various Tenses

Hello! I needed some help deciding which tense to use in the following scenarios.

El año pasado (fui or iba?) a la misa cada domingo. What would be the different meanings of each choice?

Lamento que eso te (pasara or haya pasado?). I know that imperfect subjunctive can be used in this way, but lamento being in the present makes me feel like perfect present subjunctive could also be used.

Another question – I know that the imperfect alone sounds sort of incomplete. So why can I say someone like “estaba comiendo eso” without it being as such? And could I say “ayer hizo calor” for weather (since the imperfect is typically used for this) in response to a question? Why would the comiendo phrase be estaba and not estuve (or so I have heard)?

Finally, if I were saying how I was feeling a specific day, might I say “El viernes pasado me sentía enfermo”? Or would I use the preterite? What would be the different connotations with each?

Thank you!

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