Help with word order

Hey everyone, I’ve been learning Spanish for about six months and think I’ve hit my first roadblock. I will refer to it is word order, but if there is a better name for this situation please let me know.

I’m beginning to learn sentences like: “Tu me ayudas” and “Mi abuelo me quiere” and am having a but of trouble in listening comprehension to fully understand, especially when there are multiple other sentences surrounding it that I am also trying to understand.

As a native English speaker I am used to saying: You help me, whereas Tu me ayudas initially translates in my brain as “You me help” which makes me lose track in listening. It’s not as hard in reading as obviously I can take a moment on the sentence to fully grasp it before moving on.

Does anyone have any tips on how to do better at this, or is it something I just have to practice a bunch more before it becomes second nature? Thanks!

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