How common is indicating you-formal (usted) in everyday speech, and what’s a common scenario?

I realize this could potentially vary wildly depending on region – I'm in the states. Anyway, the course I'm on, the teacher always points out differences in conjugation for addressing youinformal and you-formal. Example: Lo esparaba (formal) vs te esparaba. I've been learning/speaking my whole life off and on, however I've been taking it a lot more serious lately. As such, want to know if the instructor is just being a good instructor in making sure we know all the details, or this is less common nowadays. I'm in a bit of a bubble with practicing in the real world as my interactions are all beginner, so that's why I just don't know if fluent speakers are out there in the world using this regularly, if that makes sense.

And while we're at it, vosotros too. How common is this conjugation? Appreciate anyone with the patience to reply to a Spanish noob!

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