How do natives pronounce ‘r’ following a word ending in ‘s’?

There are some very common phrases such as "más rápido" which seem to be impossible for me to say.

I cannot move my tongue fast enough from the 's' position to the start of the 'rr' position so I always have to pause between the consonants, or I end up putting a vowel between them and saying "más a rápido".

I aiming to speak with a standard Castillian accent, so I don't want to aspirate the preceding s to a [h].

I have seen [one source]( say that it is pronounced as what I think is with the tongue in the same place as for a rr but as a fricative instead of a trill ( [ʐ] ).

Would you say this is accurate? Are there other ways people say it?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: I just realised (from trying to say "muy rápido") that I also find it impossible to say the 'rr' sound following the 'i' or 'y' sound (another example: "Rey y Reina") so any help on that would be appreciated too

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