How much immersion do you think I’ll need?

So i learned spanish with pimsleur levels 1-3, did some studying of my own, then spent 4 weeks at a language program in mexico called anders, learning from 9am to 10pm every week day including meals with teachers, and a break of 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm. When I left mexico 4 months ago, i was able to talk about nearly anything with my teachers, but definitely had difficulty talking to the locals cause if they threw out more than a couple words i didn’t know, i’d get lost, whereas my teachers knew which words i knew and how simply they needed to speak. I’m 22 years old, not college educated, and would like to learn and retain somewhere between a B2 and a C1 level, basically to where i can spontaneously have conversations without needing to ask for clarification when listening. I probably have a vocabulary of about 1000 words, (which is where i fall short), am/was able to do all verb conjugations, but takes a while to make sure i phrase certain things correctly (especially subjunctive). preterite vs imperfect comes pretty naturally to me. In the last 4 months i’ve lost the flow, and usually need to think about the grammar for anything beyond simple present, preterite, or present perfect. Being super short on vocabulary, how long do you think i would need to spend in a guatemala immersion school to get to maybe 8000-12,000 words as well as be spontaneous in my spanish and able to understand nearly anything someone from mexico or guatemala says? im a fast learner, thinking i want to do 3 months but maybe it won’t be enough, will it take 6 months or a year?

sorry if this is messy and unorganized, my writing skills are sub par

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