How to get started – can’t choose between methods

Hello, I recently decided to start studying Spanish. Although most people say you have to have a strong reason to learn and speak a language effectively, I recently got to B2 in German and I just loved the journey. But the problem is, I started learning German from A2 (I took some lessons in high school) and after took group lessons, which means I didn't study alone. This time I want to make it to around B1 by myself and take lessons from there, to practice speaking etc.

So as you can see this is going to be my first time actually learning a language from scratch. I put together some methods for myself but can't decide which one to start with and I need your help!

1) YouTube Spanish 101 lessons like this one, although too basic, I thought it would be a great foundation.

2) Udemy courses like this one, I think these are more or less the same with YouTube ones.

3) Getting a textbook and working my way up. I don't really like this option because of all the potential pronounciation errors. I would appreciate any suggestions for textbooks.

4) Getting some double-sided stories for children. I've personally never used this method but I think it could work alongside other options.

5) Actually getting class lessons or private tutoring (this one is really expensive for me so I'd prefer not to) instead of learning alone. I want to experience learning a language by myself but I might end up hating myself because it seems so much harder haha.

I'd love to get some insight/ideas/comments on these. Thank you for your time!

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