How to use "pedir"

I'm a super new learner, and I just found out that preguntar means "to ask a question" and pedir is "to ask for; to order." I understand the conjugations of pedir, but I have a few questions. I would appreciate any assistance.


"Ella me pide que haga café."

"She asks me to make coffee."

I understand the use of "me." Why use "haga?" I thought it would be "hacer" or "hago."


"Le pido café a Tom."

"I ask Tom for coffee."

I'm not quite sure why one should use "le" here. I thought "le" was a type of pronoun. If Tom is included in the sentence, do I need the pronoun? Why not "Pido café a Tom."?


¡Gracias a todos por su ayuda!

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