How would you say “upper” or “lower” when referring to something like levels? Also, what is the correct way to say “enrollment rate”?

Hi everyone! I apologize if this question has been asked before – I tried searching but did not have much luck.

At the moment, I am making a presentation and trying to talk about “upper” and “lower” secondary school in Latin America. Translators translated it to “superior” and “inferior” but that seems incorrect since I would expect those to be talking about “better” and “worse.” How would I correctly talk about this?

Additionally, I ran into trouble with talking about “enrollment rates” as well (talking about school). Google Translate gave me, “la tasa de matriculación” but I have never seen these words before, and want to make sure this is a suitable phrase to use or not.

Thank you so much, I appreciate any help immensely!

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