I just need to vent for a second…

Why in the MIERDA (carajo??) are there so many MALDITAS words to learn?? HOSTIA PUTA I thought I was making tons of progress in my learning and so I decided I was ready to purchase a book in Spanish and attempt to read through it, and no MIERDA there are so many estúpidas words that I don't know and need to look up. To the people who are fluent: COMO DIABLOS did you do it? I commend you. As stupid as it sounds I've never realized just how large our vocabulary is in our first language, and how much you need to relearn when you're trying to teach yourself another. Chain, breath, swamp, scraps, slaps, fleeting, CARAJO…just some of several words that I didn't know on one page. It's taken me an HOUR to get through the first three pages, and I'm not even 100% what's going on because I was getting so tired of having to look up half of the words. ¡Me cago en la hostia!

Ok thanks for letting me get it out of my system. Feel free to vent back, wish me luck or tell me to vete a la mierda.

Con amor, fuck me.

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