I learned to vibrate my tongue but I still can’t produce the RR sound

Buenos dias,

Yet another R post. I am not currently learning Spanish, but I took it for 5+ years in school and always wanted to be able to roll my R's. I could do the single r (the alveolar tap I believe it's called), but not the trill. So now I'm still trying and finally getting somewhere. I thought the missing puzzle piece was getting my tongue to vibrate, and I finally figured out how to do it! – But I still can't make that RR sound. Somehow, my tongue will only vibrate when I'm doing an uvular trill at the same time (in the back of my throat), and I just end up sounding scary. Has anyone else been in that position? I thought the tongue vibration was the final hurdle, but now I've discovered a new set of problems! (And I'm a native German speaker, since it matters in this case.)

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