I want to learn European Spanish but I have an opportunity to travel for an extended period to Latin America. What should I do?

If asked whether I want to learn European or Latin American Spanish, I'd say European with little hesitation. I'm drawn more to it for some reason. Maybe it's because I've been to Spain. Maybe it's because I over-romanticize the idea of the extra challenge of taking on the use of vosotros. In any case, I've been focusing on learning European Spanish.

The thing is, I have the opportunity to live in Latin America for a few months later this year (I'm thinking maybe Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, or Costa Rica). I'd still consider myself a beginner, maybe "experienced beginner", but because I'm not quite conversational yet I'm concerned about my habitual use of vosotros in Latin America.

Should I just stick with what I know better and keep learning European Spanish, assuming that the folks in South America will still understand me? Or would it really be worth it to start practicing Latin American Spanish, even though it would break my habit of and desire to learn European Spanish? I guess if I live in South America for a few months it'll probably break my "habit" regardless…

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