I’m confused about how to use the ‘futuro compuesto’ tense!


So, I understand that el futuro compuesto is :

futuro simple + el participio.

I am however a little confused about when to use it (the contexts where it can be used).

Sharing an example from a book:

La semana pasada Raúl no vino a clase, ¿no? ¿Sabes qué le pasó?
___________ (estar) con la mudanza. Sé que tenía que cambiarse de piso.

Our professor said the correct verb form to use here will be habrá estado (el futuro compuesto), which makes sense. She said something about the question being about the past.

But I feel we can also use estará (el futuro simple), which the professor said is incorrect.

So, does it have to do with the past/present in order to decide between el futuro compuesto/el futuro simple? Or are there other uses too?

P.S. I am doing B1.3.

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