I’m going to Spain and I’m freaking out a little bit…help!

Hola a todos!

I leave for Spain in two weeks (Madrid for 4 days and Sevilla for 5). I have a whole Bachelor's degree in Spanish and am very confident in my ability to utilize Spanish to communicate effectively. That being said, both my learning experience and my personal idiolect are a crazy conglomeration of dialects and accents from around the Hispanic world (largely due to both my professors in college and the people I speak Spanish with most on a regular basis being from absolutely everywhere).

I have quite a bit of experience with Castilian Spanish and it influences a lot of my accent when I speak as well, but I don't feel that I fully understand a lot of the nuances and slang of the dialect on the fly quite yet (from both Madrid and the south). I keep reassuring myself that I just have to treat this entire trip as a learning experience and know that, for the most part, people are willing to help. Still…I'm nervous about messing up, not being able to communicate effectively, and being embarrassed as a result.

All that being said, I am here to ask for advice on quick stuff to brush up on before I go. Spaniards or those familiar with travel to Spain, if you have any tips or tricks on how to handle your beautiful nation linguistically, I would greatly appreciate it.

Muchísimas gracias de antemano!

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