Intermediate learner still stuck object pronouns, reflexive pronouns, subject pronouns. Please help me understand. (Advanced)

I know what each of these are. I know that a DO receives the action of a verb, that ID is to who or for the object is being done, I know what my subject pronouns are, and I know that reflexive verbs are things done to oneself. I do not consider myself a beginner learner however I am still not sure when to use these pro nouns and when to use subject pronouns.
These concepts I mentioned are very easy to grasp for me when it comes to simple sentances such as "He ate the pizza, he ate it." or "He gave the letter to her." or "I bathe myself." With those types of sentances I find it very easy to find the direct/indirect object, why something is reflexive etc… But when I'm out in the wild they are not so easy to spot.
I think my main struggle right now is understanding when to use a subject pronoun and when to use an indirect object. When I see "me" "te" "nos" etc in the wild, I try to figure out whether it's a DO, ID, or reflexive, but it's just not as simple as in all the educational videos that give me the most basic examples. Can someone please elaborate using more complex, realistic sentences? Thanks

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