irregular verbs in the pretérito

Hi guys,

I´m trying to learn these irregular verbs, and I´m struggling with two parts – when to drop the pronoun and what is going on with the answers I got given. I am trying to understand what happened, so I can learn from my mistakes. My lecturer is being no help.

The first question was ¿Le dijiste la verdad al profesor? (Im understanding this to be "did you tell the teacher the truth?")I wrote "Sí, yo diji la verdad al profesor" which was completely wrong. The correct answer given was either "sí, le dije la verdad al profesor", or "no, no le dije la verdad al profesor" – I can see there is an indirect object pronoun, but I don't quite understand why. Can anyone explain this one?

My second thing I can't quite understand is the dropping of the pronoun. For this question:

"¿Tuviste un buen fin de semana?" I answered "Sí, yo tuve un buen fin de semana", but it was wrong because I had the pronoun. SO, the next question was ¿Condujisteis vosotros esta mañana? and so, I figured, learning from my mistakes, that I would drop the pronoun, since the pronoun is insinuated with the conjugated verb and wrote "Sí, condujimos esta mañana", and it was wrong because it needed to be "Sí, nosotros condujimos esta mañana".

This is driving me absolutely insane because I'm losing points and I have no idea WHY this is wrong. Pleeeeeeeeease help!

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