Is buying an online 12 week program worth it?

I have been studying Spanish for a bout a month (not counting what I remember from high school) & while I have learned a lot of new vocab and have seen improvement in my comprehension, I don’t have a set study routine and don’t know what the best method to learning is. I currently use an online tutor 2x a week ($10/hr) and on my own time use work books, short stories, podcasts, etc. Would a structured 12 week program, something like the “spring Spanish” program be beneficial to do even if it costs $300? Or should I continue with the tutor and self study and try to build up over time? Or maybe add the 12 week program into what I’m doing now? I don’t know the best approach to learn Spanish, but also want to try to stay cost friendly. If anyone can help that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance

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