Learning Spanish as a French speaker?

I lurk here to gain some extra insight in learning Spanish.

Thing is, I grew up speaking French, and am starting to feel like going through English to learn certain structures is becoming counter-productive, all those posts about the subjunctive are a good example: it seems it would be easier for me to understand the uses of the Spanish subjunctive if I could compare to the French subjunctive or other equivalent tenses. I'm not that far along but I already feel that not knowing enough verb tenses, and practicing in English, is holding me back.

I know not all tenses are going to be identical, but comparing between two sister Romance languages will probably be more helpful than comparing to a cousin (English).

I'd like to know 2 things if anyone in here would indulge me:

  • Are there any notable differences in how Spanish tenses are used in Latin America (any region is a good example) vs how they're used in Spain? My ultimate goal is to eventually get comfortable with Colombian or Mexican Spanish, but who knows where I'll end up in 20 years. 🙂 Duolingo in French seems to be teaching the language spoken in Spain.

  • Are there any French (or multilingual) speakers in here–where do you guys hang out to learn (or teach) Spanish through French or other mother tongues? On or off Reddit is fine.


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