Need help identifying and translating a few lines from a song

One of the ways I'm trying to learn Spanish is by finding songs I like and trying to learn/understand the lyrics.

One of my favorite songs I've found is Será Será by Davila 666. The spanish lyrics exist on Musixmatch but as I started to learn them I realized some lines seemed incorrect, or at least didn't make any sense in context. There are two comments on the youtube video that wrote up lyrics and by looking at all three, I've made sense of the song, with the exceptions of two of the early lines (at the 0:42 mark):

The three suggestions for the first line (and my understanding of them) are:

  • Me despierto dia abajo – "I wake up day down"
  • Me despierto y abajo – "I wake up and down"
  • Me despierto río abajo – "I wake up down river"

'down river' seems the most normal usage but doesn't really fit with the song. 'day down' seem weird but I could see it being poetic licence as the opposite of 'sun up'. Is it an idiom of some sort?

The second line is less ambiguous; two people (and my own ear) hear:

  • Aturdido en el sacado – "Stunned, in the sack"

The other comment has it as "a tu dealer he sacado", but that doesn't seem like it would fit. Still, I'm confused by "en el sacado" since "sacado" appears to just be a conjugation of sacar and not a noun. Google translate spits out "in the sack" and that kind of makes sense, but I'm not positive that's right.

If it helps, here are the full lyrics as I've corrected them and translated them (It's probably not perfect, I'm still pretty new at this)

I'm hoping one of you kind people with a better ear and more Spanish knowledge can help me 🙂

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