Niños o niñas?

¡Hola r/learnspanish!

I was just wondering if there’s any limit to the number of boys/girls in a group before it changes from niñas to niños?

I know (at least I think) that niños is the “gender neutral” version too, but if you had 10 girls in a group and 1 boy would it still be niños or is that enough to make it a niñas?

The reason I say this is I’ve been watching Bluey with my son in the morning, I’ve watched it enough and he’s only 2, so I thought I’d put it in Spanish to help me a bit. In one scene one of the parents calls to a group of kids (4 girls, 1 boy) and says “niñas”. Is this just an error in the translation or does it change based on the make up of the group?

¡Muchos gracias!

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