No recordar.

Hello! Is it correct to use No recordar with the subjunctive and indicative even if the subjects in the main and subordinate sentences are the same?

I know that most people use the infinitive: no recuerdo haber hecho eso.

What about:

No recuerdo que haya hecho eso. No recuerdo que hiciera eso.

It’s ambiguous yes, but I would assume it’s still correct. Especially the indicative one since recordar takes the indicative when it’s affirmative: recuerdo que hice eso.

I’ve heard those moods being used before when people are using no recordar when they are the subject in both the main and subordinate clauses. That’s why I ask and I just want to confirm if it’s correct or not because I’m not sure.

For example they interviewed a Spanish singer named Ana Torroja and she used the subjunctive instead of the infinitive.

En algunas publicaciones se ha llegado a decir que tú les llamabas despectivamente a sus fans 'alaskitos'.

Her response: “Yo no recuerdo que hiciera eso.”

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