Perfect Preterite Question

I’ve recently been more diligent in dedicating time to practice with my native speaking mom (she came to the US when she was 11, so I’m sure her way of speaking is a little unique). I’d tried practicing with her when I was growing up, but it was usually so frustrating.

But now I’m at the point where I’ve independently practiced enough on my own, so we have a bridge to connect with.

I’m going through conjugating all of Hablar in the dictionary and I’ve come across a snag in our little practice.

The perfect preterite lists: hube Hablado hubiste Hablado Hubo Hablado So on…

Essentially as I understand it, the dictionary is conjugating Haber + adding ado at the end of the verb habla. Part of my problem is understanding Haber.

TLDR: can you help define and translate the difference in perfect tense between these?

Yo he Hablado (perfect present)
Yo hube Hablado (perfect preferite)
Yo había Hablado (perfect past)

Thank you

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