Please help me get it right for a monogrammed item.

A good friend, who was born in Mexico, recently got her USA citizenship. I'm just so damn proud of her – she worked really hard for it. I'm going to get her a custom leather dual passport holder as a gift.

The USA side will say:

Line 1: Made in America

Line 2: February, 1, 2022

Mexico side will say in correct Spanish grammar:

Line 1: Born in Mexico

Line2: April 17, 1973

I just want to double check that I can trust google translate: Gracias for the help!

Is this correct meaning, grammar and spelling? Is the capitalization correct? I only have one shot to make it right and it's an expensive gift.

Line 1: Hecho en México

Line 2: el 17 de Abril de 1973

Line 1: Nacida en México

Line 2: 17 de abril de 1973

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