[Poll] Default flairs for unflaired users

Hello fellas.

Based on this post, some people seemed to be getting confused by users who answered questions or gave advice without having a flair that properly identified them as "Learners", "Natives" or as whatever they wanted (flairs have always been editable, so you can really type anything you want that describes your proficiency level adequately).

As a result, we started running a test to auto-assign a default "Beginner" flair to newcomers first participating here without one, in order to hopefully motivate them to change their flair to whatever they saw fit (even to no flair at all, if that's what they really wanted).

However, it seems that some users still don't know how to change their flair, even after spending years on Reddit, and others just don't care enough to do it.

So what's it gonna be?

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