Pronunciation of ‘gente’ and ‘ejemplo’

I apologize for asking a question that must have been answered before in this forum, but I was listening to Google Translate's TTS output using respectively the Latin American and the Castilian Spanish options and I got different realizations of 'g' and 'j' in the words "gente" and "ejemplo" in the two standards. However, for both words, Wiktionary gives me only one IPA tanscription of either 'g' or 'j' as /x/. In comparison, for British RP and General American, or Brazilian and European Portuguese, Wiktionary normally gives separate IPA transcriptions when the pronunciation of a word is different in the two standards.

Anyway,, is the pronunciation of those two words really different in Spain and Latin America, or is it merely an artifact of the Google TTS tool? And what would the most common IPA transcription be, both phonemically and in terms of actual pronunciation, assuming there are multiple allophones for the same phoneme /x/ ?

Thank you.

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