Qué vs. Cuál question

I just took a quiz on using qué vs cuál after having being taught that normally: qué = what / cuál = which, except when asking a form of "what is" and in these instances you need to decide if you're asking for a definition or an answer. ex. What is your name = cuál es tu nombre / what is a verb = qué es un verbo.

But I got the following questions marked as incorrect:

  1. What is the decomposition of matter?
    I chose that you would use "qué" in this case, and was marked incorrect, that it should be "cuál." Except this is asking for a definition


30 Which student do you think is responsible for this?
I chose cuál for this but was marked incorrect, that it should be "qué"

Can anyone let me know if I'm understanding the rational wrong, or was the course wrong, or is the quiz wrong? Estoy perdido!

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