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I've been working a little bit on Spanish on my own for a while, and this term I'm actually taking a class! Yay!

I've noticed from the combination of words I learned before class and words I'm learning during class that Spanish, like other languages, has lots of related words. For example, in English, a worker works. In Spanish, un trabajador trabaja. Another example: Un escritor escribe en la escritorio.

Here are my questions: Why aren't these words taught together and is there a place where they are taught together? I learned trabajar from DuoLingo and trabajador from my class. Neither place mentioned the other word. It seems to me that it would be extremely useful to teach these related words at the same time, and to also teach the suffixes that will help you change/identify words yourself. (e.g. -ista, -or = persona; -io = cosa; these are guesses)

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