Seeking clarification on pronouncing the letters "i" and "e" in Spanish


I started a little bit of Spanish self-study recently (I took classes in high school but that's been awhile), and I wanted to get some clarification on pronunciation of the letters "i" and "e" within words. I'm aiming towards speaking/pronouncing words as they would be in Spain, if that matters.

So this is the pronunciation guide I've been looking at. (Sorry, I don't know IPA.)

For the letter "i" I think I'm just getting confused and trying to pronounce it in an English way, such as in the word "inteligente" I can hear that it starts with an "ee" sound but I'm conflating it with the English pronunciation. "I" in Spanish is always the "ee" sound, correct?

For the letter "e" such as in entiendo it really sounds identical to the vowel sound in the English words "in", "bin", "pin", etc. Whereas in words like tener what I'm hearing moreso matches the way it's pronunciation is described.

I appreciate any and all helpful comments – Gracias amigos.

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