Sexy, inappropriate, dirty, vulgar, and/or sweet, loving, romantic things to say in Spanish?

I know, I know, it's a cliche to only learn the vulgar things to say, but a friend of mine keeps getting me to flirt in Spanish with this gorgeous waiter he's friends with but doesn't tell me what the things he wants me to repeat mean so I don't trust him lmao. I'm not gonna say unknown stuff in the middle of a room full of native Spanish speakers! So another friend of mine decided it would be fun to teach me sexy and lovey Spanish – but actually telling me what they mean lol. I thought it would be fun to tell him I picked some up on my own lol. And evidently our first two lessons, I didn't absolutely butcher your language, thankfully!

If it helps, I'm a woman who primarily dates men, so I guess the things I'm likely to say to them. Don't be afraid to go too soft, sweet, or too dirty, it's all fun!

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