Stop, and To Ask

I'm fairly good at Spanish, but I always hesitate with these two words.

  1. What word should I use to say 'Stop', especially as a command? I imagine it is slightly situational and also depends on region. Say I want to say, "Stop telling me that", spanishdict said "Deja de decirme eso". So is "Deja de" the common structure for asking someone to stop something? I know there's also "parar", is that more for movement related situations? And what about "Alto"?
  2. I learned that "pedir" means "to order, like in a restaurant". I think it also just means "to ask", but I'm always afraid that it actually sounds more like "to order" does in English, like really mean and serious. Is "pedir" the normal verb for situations like "Can I ask you a question?" I know there's a verb "preguntar", but I don't know if that really gets used, or in what situations. And do people really say like, "Pido un bistec" or whatever? Or maybe "Pediré un bistec"? I mean in English it is typically "to have" or "to get" while ordering, I never say "I'll order".

Gracias :)))

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