Academic Year Programs

We offer two types of year or semester long programs:

University Programs

Campus Univesity of Cantabria

The UC campus next to the beaches

Spanish lesson

Improve your Spanish with us

Academic Year or Semester programs at one of the top 3 universities in Spain

Universidad de Cantabria

​Our program offers you the possibility of studying at the Universidad de Cantabria one of the best universities in Spain. The Universidad de Cantabria (UC) is ranked amongst the top three in Spain, both in education and research quality. It was also one of the first Spanish universities to be presented with the “International Campus of Excellence” award. You will be hosted with a selected Spanish family in Cantabria, the second best destination in Europe according to Lonely Planet ad the best tourist destination in Spain according to OCU.

Additionally, the UC offers its 12,500 students all the necessary facilities in an excellent campus, which is set in the area of Las Llamas in Santander, an open space that separates the city from the coast and the gorgeous beaches. The campus includes green spaces and sports areas.

The UC offers subjects amongst these fields: Education, Humanities, Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Economics, Business, Law, Tourism, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Mining, Energy Engineering and Nautical Studies. You can change your chosen subjects within 15 days of the beginning of the semester.


International accreditation

Most universities will recognize credits issued by the Universidad de Cantabria either as an exchange student or as a free mover. 

You will need to check with your university whether they will recognise credits from the Universidad de Cantabria and which subjects will be accepted by them before applying. 

Please visit our credits information page for more information.

The University of Cantabria

UC campus next to Santander beaches

There are plenty of activities to do

Sports at UC

Enjoy the UC sports facilities

Study in English or in Spanish

We offer three different programs to study at the UC.

If your Spanish level is good enough you can choose between programs 2 and 3, which are taught in Spanish. However, if your Spanish is at a lower level, you can still study at the University of Cantabria but you will have to choose subjects among program 1. As an option, you can also live with an English family and/or take one of our Spanish courses if you want to improve your level.

Secondary School Programs

Michael with Raquel and Victoria

Michael with Raquel and Victoria

Learn in a Spanish Secondary School

Students will attend a local school during the academic year. They will be treated like another Spanish student but we will focus on their wellbeing, personal needs and help them with the language at all times.

Students will be hosted at our home in Puente Viesgo and we’ll make every effort to make them feel right at home in no time, living in a relaxed family atmosphere and being another family member. 

Your parents and you will be able to meet us online before arriving to Spain via videoconference. We will prepare your trip together and you will be able to ask any concerns you may have. Later, during the course, we will keep giving support to parents and children with regular videoconferences.

Our home is located in Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, an area with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. But it is not just safe: it is also an ideal area with lovely beaches and striking mountains

Spanish secondary school

Tabitha became another family member 

Tom also enjoyed our programs


Santander and Cantabria

​Santander is a beautiful, vibrant city. It has more than 3 miles of beaches making it ideal for surfing. There are plenty of bars and restaurants and it’s fantastic for eating and going out. Cantabria is the safest region in Spain and Spain has the second lowest crime figures in the whole of Europe. More recently, Cantabria was named as the second best destination in Europe in 2018 according to Lonely Planet.

Santander beaches

Enjoy Santander

American students in caves

Excursion to the Prehistoric Caves


Living in a carefully selected hosting family home

Our host families are local families who open their homes to you, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the Spanish language and culture. We take great pride on our host families, who are carefully selected by The Spanish Course with a rigorous selection process, including: interviews, inspection visits and police checks.

We will ensure that you enjoy a family environment at all times, that you will make the most of your stay and that you will feel like another family member. You will feel right at home in no time!

Living with your host family is the best way to learn Spanish because you can practice Spanish with them all day long. At the same time, you will learn the culture and the Spanish lifestyle including Spanish food

Let’s cook a tortilla!

Patio Lunch

Enjoy lunch at our patio

Having dinner at home

Chips! French Fries! ¡Patatas fritas!

Spanish Courses

Spanish courses

If need it, you can have a two-week Spanish course in order to improve your Spanish level before you go to the Universidad de Cantabria. Our award-winning Spanish courses are one of the best options to learn Spanish. Click here for more information on our Spanish courses.

Please read our recent review on our Spanish courses
The Spanish Course and the Wonders of Cantabria

Spanish lesson

Conditions that Apply

What’s included

Our programs include:

  • Online Spanish course with video-conference lessons starting as soon as the course fees are paid
  • Two weeks full-time Spanish course before the university begins in the Fall Semester. Part-time Spanish course during the university term in the Spring Semester
  • Full-board accommodation in a host family.
  • 24 credits per semester (4 subjects) to study at the Universidad de Cantabria. Different subjects to choose from. ​Tuition and administrative fees at the host university are included in the program price.
  • Universidad de Cantabria sports card, which offers free access to most Racquet sports, Running, Baseball, Softball and Volleyball schools. Includes University T-shirt and a host of other discounts to Sporting activities.
  • Free monthly cultural day trips.
  • Option to volunteer to teach English to local children.

What is not included:

  • Medical insurance. It’s very difficult to get an insurance policy that suits every single student. Some students would like to have sports accidents covered, some other prefer a lower deductible amount, some would prefer a higher maximum coverage, etc. Therefore, as we can’t satisfy all students preferences, we think it will be better if you could sort your medical insurance out by yourself.
  • Flights to and from Spain. Because of the same reasons, one student can fly to Madrid from Los Angeles, another from New York, etc. it is better that you book your flights by yourself.


  • Passport
  • Visa. Documents will be issued by the university after course application is approved but you will have to contact your local Spanish Consulate to obtain the visa.
  • To be presently studying or have studied at a university.
  • Letter of recommendation from one of your university’s lecturers.
  • A letter explaining the reasons and suitability for the course.
  • Completed application form including the subjects to study during the semester. This form will be sent to you by ourselves.
  • Minimum stay: one semester
  • Maximum stay: one academic year
  • Spanish language: No requirements but B1 level (Intermediate) recommended.
  • A medical insurance policy covering medical expenses and repatriation in the case of accident or sudden illness for the entire period of the stay in Spain.
  • Flights to Spain arriving on a date set by The Spanish Course so that all students arrive on the same day.


Semester:                     $11,519
Academic Year:           $23,038

University Application Deadlines

Fall semester Academic Year:          1st of April
Spring semester:                               1st of September 

Watching Santander soccer team

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