Swede relearning Spanish

Hi, I'm a Swede who recently moved to Spain again, I haven't been here since I was a child (7-9 and 16, I'm currently 31).

I feel that I know Spanish well enough to understand everyday conversation, but there are lots of syntax, grammar and context things that I struggle with understanding, mainly I tend to use the right words but apparently I sound like Yoda because I place them in Swedish or English context.

Are there some tips that might help me with organizing my sentences better so that I can communicate better?

I noticed this when translating stuff from Swedish or English to Spanish, since my translations are very literal. As an example take the song lyrics: "singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true"

A proper translation would be (so I have been told): "Cantando canciones Dulces, de melodias puras y verdaderas". The sentence makes perfect sense to me but this isn't how I would've translated it.

I would've said (and as I understand it, this is all wrong): "Cantando Dulces canciones, de melodias pura y de verdad"

Am I just bad at Spanish?

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