Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish in Spain is the best way to become fluent in the language. We offer courses for all levels. Study Spanish in a relaxing family environment.

At your tutor’s home

Enjoy your Spanish immersion course living at your tutor’s home, sharing our family lifestyle, meals, culture and traditions with us. You will feel at home in no time!

Teacher’s courses

We have been offering Spanish courses for teachers since 2004. We offer different kind of courses for teachers like SKE, CPD, Erasmus+, etc.

School trips

Our revision Spanish courses for schools are ideal to take just before examinations. We are located in a safe area but with many amenities around. We will help teachers with safety procedures.

Online Courses

A Spanish tutor will help you while you learn Spanish with our online course. You will also have a Spanish textbook with CDs. In the video-conference lessons you will speak Spanish with your tutor. 

Free Spanish Courses

Spanish for beginners courses. You will have to download an app to your mobile phone, join our Spanish online school and keep up with the lessons every day. We will set up your goals and rewards.

Semester/Year programs in Spain

The Spanish Course offers you semester or academic year programs in Santander where apart from studying at the Universidad de Cantabria, at a local school you can enjoy different activities like dancing, surfing, theatre, cooking, music, sports, sailing, photography, hiking, swimming, gym, etc. Please choose one of the programs below to get more information.

University Programs

Study at the Universidad de Cantabria ranked amongst the top three universities in Spain, located in a campus next to the gorgeous beaches of Santander, which is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and safe city.

Gap Year in Spain

Learn Spanish language, culture and history lessons in the mornings while getting involved in different activities like sports, surfing, gym, dancing, music, theatre, photography, cooking, etc. in the afternoons.

School year in Spain

Spend a semester or a school year in a Spanish school You will make new Spanish friends, practice sports. You will grow as a person, becoming more responsible and self-confident.

Puente Viesgo

The Spanish Course is located in a relaxing area which you can enjoy by taking walks of various lengths, being the perfect place for ramblers. Puente Viesgo is a village renowned for its famous spa and prehistoric caves, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The region

Less than 15 miles from the village there is a striking coast line.
Cantabria is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain, from Santander city to Gaudi’s modernist and imaginative architecture, medieval villages, wild-life parks, beaches, etc.


We were awarded by the European Union and the British Government with the European Award for Languages in 2001. Baroness Catherine Ashton presented the Award at the Spanish Embassy in London with the presence of the Spanish Ambassador, the Marqués de Tamarón.

About Us

The Spanish Course was created in 2000 by Mercedes Sánchez Herreros and Fernando Pérez Cos. We were awarded by the European Union and the British Government with the European Award for Languages in 2001 because of our innovative approach to teach Spanish. Please click here for more information.Please click here for more information.

Address: Barrio Cotillo, 4, Aés, 39670 Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, Spain

Phone: (+34) 639 080 718


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