Trying to learn spanish. I’m Using Rosetta Stone Learn Languages on my computer. There has to be a better way/program?

First off, I know very little spanish other than some basic phrases and words. I am wanting to learn to speak/write so I looked for the best rated app in the app store so I downloaded the Rosetta Stone program. It focuses a lot on showing phrases and matching the pictures to the phrase. It seems like it would be a great program if it showed what each word were in english after you match the phrase or something similar. For instance I might know what the phrase means but I don't understand all the individual words which to me is huge when you are using different wording for different things.

I'm flying through the program and getting high scores on everything but I don't feel like I'm learning words as much as I am phrases. I am on week 2 day 8 in the program and this is my 3rd day using it.

Does anyone have any better programs or ways to learn? I feel I'm not learning words as much as I should with this program and like I said it's a shame it doesn't show what each individual word means as I feel I would be picking this up very fast. Thank you for any and all advice!

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