What is the proper response to "me encantas" ?

It translates from everywhere from "Im crazy about you" to "I love you"

We have been seeing each other for about 4 months now. Its still that type of relationship where we are not officially dating or even talk about feelings out loud – we dont say "i love you" or anything serious. The other day she told me "me encantas"… was this basically her saying "i love you" for the first time or is this just some spanish romantic phrase. There seems to be a lot of difference between the two.

Also how serious is the meaning, because in America certain phrases hold a lot of weight but i heard in latin america, romantic phrases dont hold as much as a cultural dating thing.

She is Colombian if it matters since i know regional spanish matters. There is no equivalent in America to this. I suppose if you told someone your dating that you "really like her" that would imply you are falling in love with someone? So is it a confession of love or just flirting.

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